Northern Arizona, U.S.A.

ArizonaI-HouseThe International House at Northern Arizona University was founded in 2012 by the NAU Center for International Education to be an on-campus community dedicated to global learning and international understanding. Approximately 240 undergraduate students representing over 40 countries make their home in the I-House annually.

The NAU I-House is located in the Campus Heights Apartments, offering apartment living for students at the center of the Northern Arizona University Campus. The I-House offers a variety of events for students throughout the year, including Culture Nights, Language Lunches, river trips, and hikes. The I-House also partners with campus offices and local organizations that also promote international events, such as concerts and the International Film Series.

Coming fall 2015, the I-House will open a new events center featuring an auditorium, classrooms, student game lounge, and study room.

Our mission is “To facilitate a living environment that provides international learning experiences for students and enhances their understanding of global nations and cultures.”

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